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Too much food!

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 07:26:23 -0600
Subject: Presentation Uploaded Successfully

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Congrats!! Your presentation has been successfully processed. Now, you can share your presentation through it's unique link, or embed it as an object in blog or websites. You can view your presentation on your "Your Uploaded Presentations and Latest Uploads" page. If you don't find your presentation there, then contact us at

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Note for iPod and Video formats:
Presentations set to play automatically (either rehearsed or narrated) are converted to video. As video plays on a timeline, you need to create a PowerPoint presentation, which advances on its own as per timings set. This can be achieved by either using the "Rehearse Timings" option or the "Narration" feature in PowerPoint. You can convert your presentation to video once your presentation appears on authorSTREAM. Just click on "create video" in the "Your Presentations" page, or from "Actions" on your dashboard.
The conversion can be as fast as a few minutes or could take up to a few hours depending upon presentation length and server load. We will let you know via email once the video conversion is over.

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