lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Trip to South America - lessons learned

It was a week away in South America. The trip was quick enough to pick, again, some interesting lessons:

1- Never underestimate the jet lag.

2- If you are a foreigner or returning after a while then prepare your trip and adventure with anticipation. Road traffic during pick hours could add +30% of delay to your trip.

3- If you are connecting flights with different carriers not in a sort of partnership then be aware of delays in Customs because you have to transfer your luggage by yourself. You can miss your next plane!

4- Some Airports have facilities to accommodate passengers in transit but the facilities are not comfortable enough if you need to wait for a few hours. Get some clothing gear with you to manage the situation.

5- Have your camera always ready to capture amazing photos or videos…you will see some of them in this blog.

6- While people are friendly and approachable you should not push your luck going out at night by yourself…it is like any other big city, prevention is gold.

7- Do not forget to turn off the lights at home, or the foxtel box.

8- Ask your neighbour to pick up your newspaper delivery.

9- ATMs have a limit amount to withdraw, each transaction cost about $ 3 US.

10- The quickest route to South America is by the South Pole…13 hrs from Sydney to Buenos Aires. By the way, the picture is taken flying over the South Pole…or better said flying bordering the South Pole.

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