lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

How fast are you going now?


10 May 2011 like any other day in life.


Sometimes, I guess it happens to everyone, you feel a bit depressed and anxious about what is lying around the next corner…in doing so sometimes you want to just sit down and have a beer and relax and forget about all these complications of running the rat race.

Today was my day. Woke up early and the dog barked at me like saying "you look ugly". I do not blame him, it is always hilarious to see myself on the mirror waking up and trying to get some directions where to go from there…toilet or kitchen.


Anyway, all was indicating a dull day ahead.


Jumped on the train, open Page 2 of the Sydney Morning Herald, News Section, and there is a report on Lisa Tamati. A quick glance to the lines…gave me some respite. Yes, I think I am a slow runner too. I am not as brilliant as others. Not stronger and eloquent as many…but she is bloody right: "It is not about being a super athlete; it is more about being a very bloody-minded and determined individual"(Lisa).


Life is a long race, keep this in mind. It is not about speed it is about resilience.


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